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Happy Birthday to Connor who is Forever 25

Connor was born the day before Thanksgiving and I couldn’t wait to leave the hospital the next day so we could celebrate with friends and family how grateful we were to have our second son!  From then

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Don’t Say “Commit Suicide”

Discussing the topic of suicide is not easy. It is uncomfortable.  Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the US.  Avoiding the discussion is a mistake. The number of people directly affected by the

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How Mental Health Affects Physical Health

Even though these are uncomfortable, they can be warning signs that our mental health is at risk.  We may be experiencing more pressure at work or school, or anxious about an upcoming event.  Sometimes these symptoms are

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Grief During the Holidays

Grief During The Holidays There’s a heaviness that starts to grow in my heart when we hit the month of November.  Talk of Thanksgiving and Christmas fills the air, and my mind starts to go dark with

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Why We Walk & Talk

Honor Connor is hosting our first annual Walk and Talk for Hope this November 27th.  That’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it’s also Connor’s birthday.  He would have been 30 years old this year.  So why are

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The Language Of Suicide Prevention

September is Suicide Prevention month and although I’m sure we all want to do our part to prevent suicide in whatever way we can, let’s face it – we don’t always know the right thing to say. 

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