Let’s raise the volume on real and meaningful conversations about mental health, therapy and support!

We get it… talking about our thoughts, feelings and emotions is not always easy. 

We have a goal at Honor Connor of helping others to start meaningful conversations in order to stop the stigma surrounding mental health. So we’ve created this evergreen Conversation Starter Digital Toolkit.

You’ve got this! Just remember that….

• You have the SOCIAL ABILITY to communicate effectively.

• You have the NURTURING ABILITY to sacrifice your time and energy to help others.

• You have the EMOTIONAL ABILITY to empathize with others.

• You have the SPIRITUAL ABILITY to have faith in yourself and others.

Before we get started,
let’s set the stage for healthy conversations

This is super important!

  1. LISTEN carefully & stay present (consider turning your phone on silent)
  2. Seek first to understand, then to be understood    

  3. Ask open ended questions and don’t be afraid to ask follow up questions. 

  4. Don’t interrupt    

  5. Stay calm, curious, caring & compassionate    

  6. RESPECT & validate feelings & values without blaming or shaming    

  7. Agree that there will be no punishment for topics discussed    

  8. Don’t act F.A.S.T. …try not to respond with Fear, Anger, Sadness,
    or Temptation to judge   

  9. Don’t take things personally    

  10. Remind them there is HOPE & HELP   

  11. Silence is okay    

  12. It’s okay not to have all the answers

The Conversation Starters

We have created 3 conversation starter decks. Who will you be talking with?

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Conversation Guidelines
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