the Spinning Wheel

Insanity is calling me

4 beats

repeat 4 times

4 times repeated

That’s a song

Singing the same song

At the same time


Is that repetitive?

Does a bicycle wheel go anywhere?

Or does it just keep spinning?

Around & around

That’s why a bicycle wheel is placed

On a path or a road to travel on or to

Without this structure

The wheel just keeps spinning in place

Never actually going anywhere

In life, whether I wanted to or not,

I’ve been a wheel my whole life

Spinning in one direction or the other. So

Sometimes I went the wrong way

I’d eventually have to turn around

And backtrack

It no doubt took longer

to get where I eventually ended up

But without going the wrong way

every now and then

How can one know

they are going the right way?

They may be heading the right direction or

The complete opposite

But I can guarantee one day they’re gonna

Have to turn around

And look back at the road they’ve traveled

On that enlightened day

by Connor Johnson