There is nothing I’m more sure of – 

I now realize that love is the essence of life,

it opens your eyes to blessings unseen with a grateful heart.

When I am struggling to connect and relate to others,

it becomes so clear that love is what I should have been sharing all along. 

Last night I was side swiped by love

 utterly paralyzed by the beauty of the feeling.

There’s such a time, the pure nature to love cannot be minimized by

anything else.

It opens the door to relationships, beautiful causes, wonderful events,

true opportunities to pay it forward.

I wish my heart was always bountiful with love.

I wish I could spread that everywhere to everyone.

There are so many people in this world dying for love.

Coming to grips with depression, solitude, anxiety, broken relationships, abuse –

They just need to be smothered in love.

Spread that shit everywhere!

By Connor Johnson