Connor lived 25 years here with us and I wish it was more. We shared a similar sense of humor, a love for ice cream and a love for the Lord. We worked together at Christian camps with kids and youth. Those were some of my favorite memories. There were times when Connor had big dreams for his life and those dreams included helping others with similar struggles. The influence of substances can rob a person of their dreams and it can rob families of healthy relationships and good memories and ultimately rob them of their loved ones entirely. I try very hard to focus on the positive but anyone that has loved someone that has struggled with a substance use disorder knows that there’s fallout. The reality is that any kind of family including hard working, Christian suburban families can be affected by mental health, addiction and suicide. That’s part of our family’s’ story. But it’s only part of the story – the other bigger part of the story is the Hope we share. We miss Connor but we have hope that we will see him again someday. We are here to make Connor’s dreams come true by sharing the message of hope with others. That’s part of our mission at Honor Connor – to provide HOPE and healing.

– Lisa

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We invite and encourage everyone from all walks of life to share their stories and experiences with mental health, addiction and suicide. The more we talk about it, the more we realize we are not alone on our journeys. This is just one way to hold onto hope. 

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